Marking Time with a 2013 Brett-Saison from Boulevard

Written by Franz Hofer for A Tempest in a Tankard

Time to celebrate! For Tempest’s eighteen-month anniversary, I opened a 2013 Brett-Saison from Boulevard, and compared it with the notes I scribbled last November on a 2014 Brett-Saison a friend brought over for dinner. File these notes under cellaring –– another means of marking time.

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Engine House No. 9 Redux: “Significant” Doesn’t Begin to Cover It

This is going to be quick ‘n’ dirty, because I’m swamped with trying to get a condo ready to sell and planning for a brand new house but I wanted, in the wake of the last post, “Murderer’s Row…“, that one brewery which SHOULD have been included in that list was left out.

And I apologize.

I recently wrote a post about the sour/brett/barrel program that’s being driven to dizzying heights at Engine House 9, in Tacoma, Washington, by their visionary brewmaster, Shane Johns. In that post, in an attempt to contrast what a miraculous development that program is, in a city which seems least likely to spawn it (or support it), I did a little, quick, 270-word scene-setting which, apparently, caused the earth to tilt off its axis and threatened to wipe out civilization. Those 270 words – less than 10% of the post – became the focus, with all the high praise for E9 being dead lost in a tsunami of static. So, here it is without the craziness and obfuscation:

The flawless Le Pérelin

E9 absolutely belongs in Murderer’s Row and, in fact, should have been mentioned prominently, right next to de Garde Brewing and Breakside Brewing and those others who are both hitting their top gear and changing the face of Northwest beer.


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James Visger’s Beer Term ‘O the Day

Beer Term ‘O the Day: Strike water. The water initially mixed (mash-in) with malted grains (grist) to form the mash. There are several programs that will calculate the volume/ temperature of the strike water required to hit a specific mash temperature.

11200622_10204207575965313_2069580751634047627_nJames Visger lives in Clarksville, TN, he’s a BJCP beer judge, has a lovely wife named Jami, and is president of The Clarksville Carboys but not Snarksville Flyboys. Their president was caught in a Venus Flytrap and was last heard, in a tiny little voice, saying, “Help me! Help me!”