A Beer Judge’s Diary: War of the Wort 2015


Written by Ken Carman

The Topic: Of Homebrew Competition Conversations and The War of the Wort 2015


  This is at least the third time we’ve driven to Starkville, Mississippi to judge at the War of the Worts. It’s certainly not convenient distance-wise. WOW is almost 300 miles away, and there’s no direct way there.
  Part of the reason we keep going is obviously amenities. Judges, and stewards, who drive long distances often have to pay for pricey motel rooms, maybe even drive when they probably shouldn’t. At the War of the Worts they have free, on the property, rooms.
  But that’s not our favorite. It’s a small competition, which we seem to prefer, and time at breakfast, dinner, lunch, then breakfast again where judges from many areas compare notes. And we have been getting to know each other over the years. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: War of the Wort 2015”

Call It Beervaria


The best way to discover what beer truly means is to travel to one of its ancient homelands, then methodically sample everything in sight, as if Earth’s very survival depended on it. Sound like a plan? Since it’s unofficially “Germany month” in our office, consider this delicious approach to the historical region of Bavaria, found mainly in southern Germany. Dotted with over 600 (mostly small) breweries, Bavaria is not only insanely beautiful—think, Sound of Music beautiful—it’s also one of the world’s most important regions for brewing, home to the 16-day bacchanal that is Oktoberfest and scores of centuries-old breweries, hop farms, even world’s oldest commercial brewery, Weihenstephan (also the world’s oldest brewing school.)

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