James Visger’s Beer Term ‘O the Day

Beer Term ‘O the Day: Fermax. A premium formulation. Fermax Yeast Nutrient gives nourishment to your yeast so that it stays healthy throughout the fermentation process. Used in beer, wine, mead, etc. to produce healthy yeast for a complete fermentation. Use 1 teaspoon per gallon prior to fermentation beginning (usually added at the last 15 minutes of the boil). I use it in big beers… the yeast has to be super healthy as when beer produces alcohol… it is killing itself off… otherwise you might end up short of your final gravity leaving your beer with a lot of unfermented sugars. Also, meads where there is little nutrients for the yeast. I don’t use it for my normal OG beers as there is sufficient nutrients in the wort and my yeast starter is healthy.

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No? Well, if you MUST. James lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, he’s a beer judge, and president of Clarksville Carboys.

James Visger’s Beer Term O’ the Day

Beer Term ‘O the Day: Toasted Malt. Pale malt kilned for 10-15 minutes @ 350 degrees to impart a toasted aroma to beer.

11200622_10204207575965313_2069580751634047627_nJames Visger lives in Clarksville, TN. He’s a BJCP beer judge and president of The Clarksville Carboys. He probably eats Wheaties, or Cheerios, all to disquise he’s from the planet Vishnu. (Curious question, Hindus. Why have you never told us what Vish knew?)