James Visger’s Beer Term O’ the Day

Beer Term ‘O the Day: BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program)
Encourage knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the world’s diverse beer, mead, and cider styles;
Promote, recognize, and advance beer, mead, and cider tasting, evaluation, and communication skills; and
Develop standardized tools, methods, and processes for the structured evaluation, ranking and feedback of beer, mead, and cider.

We certify and rank beer judges through an examination and monitoring process, sanction competitions, and provide educational resources for current and future judges.

The BJCP was founded in 1985 and has administered the Beer Judge Examination to 8,632 individuals worldwide. 5,137 are currently active judges in the program, with 771 holding the rank of National or higher. Since we started keeping detailed records, our members have judged over 1,041,977 beers and we have sanctioned over 6,527 competitions.

11200622_10204207575965313_2069580751634047627_nJames Visger, more powerful than a very loco, locomotive, able to leap pint glasses with a few attempts… Nah, he’s from Clarksville, TN and presidente’ of The Clarksville Carboys. We just like teas\ing our writers here at PGA.

Beer Profile: Southern Tier Choklat Oranj


Profiled by Maria Devan

Pours thick and black. No head. Sits in the glass like oil. Black gold.

Nose is rich chocolate and very milky creamy. Smells like fudge. No orange on the nose?

It has some good roast, caramel and even some mellow coffee. I expected orange. Taste is roast that is not shy. Lot’s of chocolate and some orange peel that comes across as bitter in places in the drink. It’s actually so well in the background it’s hard to describe. If it wasn’t for a faint bit of spice and pith from it to draw my attention I would have missed it. Then it comes over me slowly. How fresh and light that orange peel is and how it’s just a hue in this chocolaty beer. Finishes with a lingering chocolate, a touch of bitter,smooth and creamy. As this drank it’s lightness became defiant.



Welcome to the PGA beer rating system: one beer “Don’t bother.” Two: Eh, if someone gives it to you, drink. Three: very good, go ahead and seek it out, but be aware there is at least one problem. Four: seek it out. Five: pretty much “perfecto.”


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mdMaria Devan lives in Ithaca, NY and is a great beer writer. That’s Maria in the middle. The other two are not, but they are lucky to have her as a friend.

Craft beer meets religion in Fort Collins


“Go eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.” — Ecclesiastes 9:7

When Rev. J.P. Channels came to Fort Collins from the Midwest late last year to interview for a leading church position, he found himself on a brewery tour.

“We love our beer, and folks in our congregation love Fort Collins beer,” explained Melissa St. Clair, pastor of Heart of the Rockies Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). “In fact, when J.P. was interviewing out here, we kept selling the beer.”

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James Visger’s Beer Term O’ the Day

Beer Term ‘O the Day: BIAB. Brew in a Bag (BIAB) all grain beer brewing is a new method for all grain brewing that originated in Australia. BIAB is an inexpensive way to for homebrewers to transition to all grain or partial mash brewing. Brewers also enjoy brew in a bag methods for the shorter setup, brewing and cleanup times.


11200622_10204207575965313_2069580751634047627_nJames Visger leads a secret life as a beer spy. Like a kind troll, he lives under a fermentation tanks and sprinkles goodness into brew tanks world wide. All of that was a lie. James lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, he’s president of the Clarksville Carboys, and grand guy.