Why Big Beer is Struggling in the Age of Craft Beer

Courtesy flickr.com
Courtesy flickr.com
Note to Big Beer: Beware the affronted hipster!

MillerCoors, the joint venture between SABMiller SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing TAP -0.51%, is facing a class-action lawsuit from craft beer enthusiasts for having the audacity to imply that Blue Moon—one of the fastest-growing beer brands in America—was a craft beer.

Given the affection that hipsters have for all things vintage, retro, and old-man chic, I’m a little surprised the lead plaintiff didn’t slap the MillerCoors marketing director with a white riding glove and demand satisfaction with pistols at dawn. Such was the offense taken.

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James Visger’s Beer Term ‘O the Day

Beer Term ‘O the Day: Chill haze. a haziness in beer caused by the precipitate formed when a beer is refrigerated. Many homebrewers let the boiling wort cool overnight in a sealed, sanitized container, then pitch yeast the next day. When this is done, the beer will always have a chill haze because the haze-forming compounds will have remained in solution. A good rule is to boil it as hard as you can, then chill it as quickly as you can. That and the use of a finning like Irish moss will get the proteins and tannins to drop out in the brew kettle.

11200622_10204207575965313_2069580751634047627_nJames Visger. What can we say about him? Nothing. That’s all.

OK. We’re kidding. James and Jami live in Clarksville, Tennessee. James is president of The Clarksville Carboys and a BJCP beer judge.