An Open Letter From Denny Conn: Be a Homebrewer!

In the relatively short amount of time I’ve been doing this Brülosophy thing, I’ve had some really interesting experiences that have included meeting and developing relationships with a few awesome people, many of whom were inspirations to me long before I started writing about my silly homebrewing adventures. One of these folks is Denny Conn, a dude I was first introduced to over 5 years ago when I stumbled on his Cheap ‘n’ Easy Batch Sparge Brewing article, a how-to that served as the final push for me to jump into all grain brewing. In the following years, I developed a rather strong appreciation for Denny’s brewing philosophy of making the best beer possible while having the most fun possible while doing the least work possible. Imagine my surprise when he and his writing partner, Drew Beechum, asked me if I’d like to review their new (at the time) book, Experimental Homebrewing. Since then, Denny and I have communicated fairly frequently about homebrew experimentation, among other things.


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One Buffalo Our Beer by Southern Tier

Style Commentary by Maria Devan

OK so I was minding my own business getting ready for new beer sunday. I decided to try One Buffalo and base my wry obervations on the idea that this is a gimmick beer because it’s affiliated with a professional sports team. ( wait until you read what I wrote then you will say – I know why she’s going off here) then just this weekend, the style changed. Literally. The style they announced and the style it is now are different this happened yesterday?

Here is my proof that they were calling this an American pale ale not that long ago. I admit I did not really understand what specialty grain is especially since they appear to have changed the style up based on that and so ok here goes.
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6 Tips to Help You Get the Most out the Great American Beer Fest

Written by Franz Hofer for A Tempest in a Tankard

The trees are starting to don their autumn colours and the kegs have already been tapped for this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich. Today in Vienna the curtain rises on a less well-known festival, but one entirely in keeping with the spirit of the harvest season: the Wiener Wiesn Fest in the broad and leafy expanses…

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HEREGABF 2014 (TastingGlass-GABF FB) 2