A Beer Judge’s Diary: Imperial, What???

Source: Wiki
Source: Wiki

Written by Ken Carman

bjd-265x300  The tightrope walker calmly stepped one step at a time, unlike our picture above; holding a balancing pole with buckets at each end. But as he delicately put one foot ahead of the other malt was dumped into one of the buckets. He had a rational, reasonable, hope that there wouldn’t be so much malt dumped before hops were added that he would fall, but more malt fell into the bucket anyway. He tilted to one side but continued to walk. Still hoping hops, then eventually yeast, would balance it out, more malt dropped. The tightrope walker found it close to impossible to stay on the tightrope as the fermentables piled up higher. Then the announcer declared, ”And now, ladies and gentlemen, with even more malt to come, we present our demonstration of IMPERIAL tightrope walking!”
  You could very well replace malt with hops in that tale, or simply take away the pole and make the rope as thin as the finest thread, and just as breakable. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: Imperial, What???”

Miami’s Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company Offers to Buy AB-InBev for $26,000

Will the Anheuser-Busch InBev executives take a $26,000 buyout from a couple of Miami brewers?
What do Four Peaks, Camden Town, and Breckenridge brewing companies all have in common? Announcements of their buyouts from Anheuser-Busch InBev all came within a span of less than a week. They’re just the latest breweries to be added to AB-InBev’s ever-increasing craft beer portfolio.

With AB-InBev on a microbrewery shopping spree, some American craft beer evangelists believe the buyouts have gotten a little out of hand. One such person is John Falco, the owner of Miami’s soon-to-be-open Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company, who finally had something to say about it and wrote an open letter to AB-InBev with an offer to buy the corporation — for $26,000.

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