Tom Becham Reviews

Written by Tom Becham

Things have been somewhat quiet on the beer front for me lately, for various reasons. But I am still in the game, and have two short reviews for the readers of Professor Good Ales.

Now, these might seem like gimmick beers to many. But they are so arrrggghhh1thumbwell done that they are worth trying, even if you don’t like odd twists on more traditional styles.

The first is The Bruery’s Arrrggghhh! (Yes, that is the actual name of the beer.) This beer with a piratical twist is billed by The Bruery as an Imperial Pilsner at 7.7% ABV. It is modified by the use of rice and coconut. My general experience with coconut beers is that the coconut is seldom discernible on the palate (I’m looking at YOU, Maui Coconut Porter!). Not so with Arrrggghhh! (Oh, dammit, it’s just fun to say and type.) Continue reading “Tom Becham Reviews”