Brew Biz: Werts and All


The Topic: America! Yeah!????

 Ken Carman is a BJCP judge; homebrewer since 1979, club member at Escambia Bay, Salt City, Clarksville Carboys and Music City Homebrewers, who has been writing on beer-related topics, and interviewing professional brewers all over the east coast, for over 15 years.

Written by Ken Carman

 At least the new Dominos ad a few years ago came across as, “Hey, America, We don’t suck as much now!” GM has its, “Buicks used to be worse” ads.
 At least they weren’t so cynical as to just slap AMERICA! on the product in huge letters and hope people so stupid they might abandon craft beer for the summer.
 Wait. It’s an election year where accepting stupidity reaches new heights. Maybe I should rethink those last two sentences. Continue reading “Brew Biz: Werts and All”