A Beer Judge’s Diary: Salt City Home Brew Competition


By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
 Like an out of balance beer, I admit I’m more than a tad unbalanced when it comes to remembering names. Faces? Yup. Names? I have a bottomless pit of forgetfulness. I judged at the NYS State Fair Competition when Salt City ran it. Been to a few meetings. But living in Nashville, and even though I’m in the Adirondacks 2½ months out of the year, it’s a bit embarrassing when so many say “Hi, Ken!” and I have to fudge my way through the conversations.
 So last Saturday, September 17th, I arrived at the Polish Home on Park Ave, ready for the inevitable forgetfulness. It was still fun, and a well run competition. Having seen how Salt City ran the Fair competition; despite snafus they had no control over, I knew they’d do an incredible job.
 Of course, my friend Brent Blanchard running it, along with Peter Woodworth, always helps. Upon entering I joked, “What, we’re only judging POLISH beers?” (Ironic, my first experience judging the new, 2015, BJCP style: Piwo Grodziskie, a traditional; Polish brew, was with Salt City at the Fair. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: Salt City Home Brew Competition”