Brew Biz: Werts and All

The former location of BrewWorxs, just south of Cinci.

The Topic: The Death of Brewpubs

By Ken Carman

2836459 Years ago I wrote a column with the topic, “What Kills a Brewpub?” The example used was a brewpub in Covington, Kentucky where the brewer, who became a friend years later, had been the brewmaster. Let’s just say the conclusion was not the usual. During a time when brewpubs (90s) were the new “hot” item to open, I usually found brewpubs kacked because; trying to capitalize on the new trend, they came in and built a giant facility with more bells as whistles than one can imagine… then location, location got the best of them.
 The example I use a lot was Main Street Brewing in Worcester, MA, where they came into downtown, put in at least a 3 level brewery with a huge brew operation behind a giant horseshoe bar, second floor a concert hall for older rock groups needing a full stage like Chicago, the Association, 3rd floor a lot of regulation pools tables. There may have been a fourth level, but I don’t remember what was up there. Problem is they went into downtown Worcester, pretty much one of the deeper economic pits in mid-Mass at the time.
 Instead, in Tim’s case, the guilty party was “management, management.” OK, “horrid, horrid, horrid management.”
 A lot has changed since those days. Continue reading “Brew Biz: Werts and All”