Beer Profile: Ommegang Rosetta Ale (aged on cherries)

Profiled by Ken Carman

Cherry nose with a light pale malt background for the nose. Almost perfumy. Tis pleasing an inviting.

Off white pillow head that fades fast, a little redish. A little hazy, but that could be chill haze. Legs rise fast. Some glass coat.

Firm cherry flavor, less juice than actual cherries. Slightest hint of skin. Ale behind this is light to the palate intensity-wise, but on the lower side of medium. Obviously the cherry is the star here.

Mouthfeel: firm foamy carbonation like foam in a sea wave without the salt. Low side medium body. Quite pleasurable.

The best Ommegang beer I’ve had. They always play a little too safe for me. Almost a wine

90 and 90 BA

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