Beer and Absinthe Make the Mouth Grow Fonder?

If you haven’t had Absinthe it’s not for the meek; and it is an acquired taste. “Acquiring” that taste is not always possible. Quality of absinthe is also of concern. The worst absinthe may taste a bit like the better product, but usually doesn’t involve the complicated process a sugar cube, ice, special slotted spoon and a specific pouring regimen. The worst stuff: straight up, is like highly alcoholic, liquid, strong, licorice. The best; served properly, is a lot more delicate of a flavor with the addition of fennel and other spice-like flavors.

To make it more palatable for some, in Italy a measure of absinthe is poured into a glass of beer.

Absinthe, at 45%–74% ABV, is an anise-flavoured spirit that dates back to at least the 18th Century, derived from herbs, including the flowers and leaves of the herb Artemisia absinthium, . You may know it as wormwood. The chemical thujone exists in small quantities, so it may have mild psychoactive properties. It is green.

Historical note: the French used it as a treatment for malaria for their troops in the mid-1800s. No proof of medicinal value exists, but the Professor suspects an abundance of absinthe may have made malaria a bit more tolerable. A bit more, almost fun? A lot more then no more malaria, no more problems: no more soldier.

Combining absinthe and beer has been a concern amongst groups working on substance abuse.

Since most absinthe put in beer is added straight up: unlike the light lager used for the beverage mentioned in the link provided above, the Professor suggests using a dark beer with a lot of character/deep roast and body to counter balance the strong absinthe flavor. A Strong Scotch Ale: highest shilling, may work. A barley wine may be a bit too sweet. Experimentation is called for. The Professor suggests starting with a teaspoon of absinthe, at best, then adjust to taste.

Monopolizing America: Big Beer Takes Over

Written by Don Monkerud

Forget about kicking back and enjoying an American beer; a massive wave of consolidation is transforming the industry.

According to a recent report by the Marin Institute, a California-based alcohol industry watchdog, a rush of buyouts and mergers in the last years of the Bush Administration has left two overseas giants in control of 80 percent of American beer consumption.

“How beer is marketed and sold in this country will never be the same,” said Charisse Lebron, corporate responsibility & advocacy manager at the Marin Institute. “Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors, controlled by parent companies SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company, are all that really matter in the U.S.”

America is the world’s most profitable beer market, yet the U.S. has lost what was once a competitive industry. As recently as 2004, ten companies fought over world consumption; today Belgium-based InBev (Anheuser-Busch InBev) controls 25 percent of the world’s beer market. SABMiller, the second largest brewer with 15 percent of the market, is a London-based conglomerate that formed when South African Breweries acquired U.S.-owned Miller in 2002.
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Boston Brewer Pushes New Limits on Extreme Beer

Story from Written by Russell Contreras, AP

BOSTON — It is banned in 13 states and sure doesn’t come in a six-pack.

The maker of Samuel Adams beer has released an updated version of its biennial beer Utopias — now the highest alcohol content beer on the market. At 27 percent alcohol by volume and $150 a bottle, the limited release of the brandy-colored Utopias comes as more brewers take advantage of improvements in science to boost potency and enhance taste.


Club Update: Escambia Bay Home Brewers

Pensacola Area

If you have not RSVP’ed Jim Martin for the Christmas Party please do it quickly. We are trying to get an idea as to who will be in attendance so we can get the names on all the $1000 checks that will be given away at the door. Opps, after checking with Santa the $1000 check will have to stay on your wish list (none of you have been that good this year), but it will be a great party and we don’t want you to miss it. If you haven’t already, let us know you’re coming as soon as possible(bring Beer).

It may have been cold but we home-brewers “Brewed” yesterday and ended up with 30 gallons of beer and 10 gallons of cider. We also bottled 5 gallons of Blake’s ShWheat beer with the club’s beer gun. Actually we had a pretty good turnout considering the cold weather. Blake made Pale Ale, Buddy and Kellie made Honey beer, Ryan made a “Big” Brown beer and Laura & I made Hard Cider. We got pointers & support from Mark, Ralph, Sean, Gary, Jill, Tim & Diane, Jim and a couple neighborhood friends.
Mark brought us a few beers that are not available locally and Jill brought several great homebrews that were enjoyed (Even the one wth the peppery spice) by all. We finished just as the sun was setting.

Saturday the 12th – Christmas Party at Ozone at 4:00pm (Bring Beer)
Friday the 18th – Hot Glass Cold Brew at The Belmont Art Center 5:00pm (We need more beer!)

Pat Johnson