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This column is dedicated to things The Professor discovers along the way to researching other things related to beer. It will appear randomly, depending upon when material presents itself.

Surely you remember…

But did you know it was started by the Griesedieck brothers who brewed beer? The Wiki entry is a little contradictory, insinuating that they made this during the Depression but closed their doors in 1920: long before the Depression. The some of Griesediecks eventually ran Falstaff and may have had cnnections with AB. (Once again, Wiki is unclear.)

Interesting sidebar: the original recipe for root beer was proven carcinogenic and outlawed long before cigarettes.

Beer and Television: Perfectly Tuned In

Early beer advertising icons: Utica Club’s Schultz and Dooley and Black Label’s Mabel

Written by Carl H. Miller

“Beer makers have been searching for the perfect beer commercial nearly since television exploded onto the American scene in the late 1940s. In those pioneer days, nobody–not the advertisers, not the ad agencies, not the TV stations–knew exactly what made for a good commercial. Indeed, the earliest beer commercials consisted of everything from live demonstrations of how to cook a Welsh rarebit using beer to the noisy rumble of a studio audience muddling through a rendition of the brewer’s theme song.”

“Surprisingly, it was not the nation’s largest beer makers who led the brewing industry’s charge into television. Rather, most of TV’s pioneer beer advertisers were regional brewers. In 1945, New England’s Narragansett Beer sponsored the first telecasts of Boston Red Sox games, though neither the brewery nor the baseball team seemed overly confident about the then-infant medium. In fact, Sox management granted Narragansett the sponsorship rights free of charge, telling brewery officials, ‘We don’t know what we’re doing, and neither do you.'”

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What NOT To Do After Drinking Beer

Brit in death plunge after beer festival

A British reveler died after plunging from a hotel window following a day’s heavy boozing at a German beer festival.

Police believe he had stepped on to a sixth-floor window ledge to go to the toilet and lost his balance.The 25-year-old victim, a shipbuilder from Plymouth, was part of a group of British workmates visiting the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Police – who would identify him only as Richard O for legal reasons – said he died instantly.

Spokesman Christoph Reichenbach said: “The man returned to the hotel alone at around 4am on Sunday. All the indications are that he was very drunk.

“We believe he lost his way as he was trying to find his way back to his room. In order to relieve himself he’d opened a window and climbed on to the ledge.”

Police say his trousers had been undone when he plunged but were torn off by the speed of the fall.


Past Tense Pub Profile


Written by Ken Carman

Market Street, also known as Bohannon Brewery, was the first brewpub to open in Nashville, TN. Back when we moved to Nashville lower Broadway was a place you avoided at all costs. Until they cleaned it up the best places were the honky tonks and they were very, very bad. Oh, and the Pickin Parlor, probably one of the best guitar repair shops I’ve ever been to. That was on Second, also known as Market Street.

Cross the street and walk a few steps north and Market Street’s sign could be seen, close to The Spaghetti Factory, which I presume was the birth place of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Another interesting essay from The Vice Blog.

Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Everyone hates the kind of people, the kind of snobs, that drink wine and then feel the need to spend hours and hours pontificating about it. It’s why I created this blog — I was sick of how the “everyman” vocation of beer drinking had become overtaken by pretentious little tipplers. It must have reached a breaking point for me when I was reading one such beer blog. The author noted in a review that he’d actually drank a beer in his living room while watching TV as opposed to how he usually sampled a brew — by shutting himself in a dimly lit “study” alone, with no outside noises or distractions, and then quietly and contemplatively enjoying the drink. He was downright ashamed and apologetic that he had actually drank a beer in a comfortable environment, lounging on his sofa with his feet kicked up while watching the game.

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Florida Competition and More

Central Florida Home Brewers invite you to: November 12-14, 2009


The 19th Sunshine Challenge is the premier home brewing competition and home brewers’ convention in the eastern United States. For more details, visit the CFHBwebsite and make arrangements to attend.

Florida Craft Beer Festival

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Saturday Seminar
Saturday, Nov. 14th, 8:45-11:00 AM
Enjoy a Continental Breakfast and variety of Beerswhile listening to Bob Hansen of Briess. $8.50

Pub Crawl
Saturday, Nov. 14th 2:00-6:00 PM
This has been a favorite of out of town participants, a chance to visit some of Orlando’s pubs. This is one pub crawl you don’t want to miss!

Saturday Night Awards Dinner
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This fantastic evening features a plate dinner, including beer sponsored by Florida Micro Beverage Distributor.

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