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11766_LLB5 Beer-Profile1-258x30044-150x150You know, western (of Mother Russia) beer always drives me crazy: fits no style, inappropriate balance, dark beers that are light and vica versa. This one is from Lithuania. The liqueur store “proudly” told me, “Must be good, it’s sold by Budweiser.” When I said “InBev” they looked at me blankly. My guess: distributed by whomever brings them Bud.

Just a hint darker than Bud. Head fades fast: sharp pinpoint and marginal in depth. Great clarity. As warms head seems to increase. Pinpoint head about 1/2 since before Sheriff shows up and the brewers/distillers start to hide their product.

Mouthfeel a bit slick, Pilsner malt dominant with just a hint of caramel malt. A little harsh on the palate and the roof of the mouth in a Belgian white candy sugar-way. Carbonation light, but despite this a bit insistent on the palate.

Nose is Belgian Tripel-ish with a hint of white sugar boost and pilsner malt in the background. No hops sense in any category, except a very mild bitter in the background.

This is 9.5%, supposedly: you’d never know. How they got there, if they did, I’m curious. None of the harsher ice bock-like alcohols.

I would have to say this most closely resembles a Belgian Tripel, though somewhat missing more complex sense. But I have to give them credit: they did a great job. Not my style: or even my fav off style if I’m wrong about “Tripel,” but this is like an American take on a Belgian Tripel: brewed in Belgium. Not a bad attempt at all.

I don’t see anything on the web stating InBev.  Brewed by..RinkuÅ¡kiai Alaus Darykloje .

69 on Beer Advocate, which declares it a “Euro Strong Lager.” And that style comes from…??? 14 on Rate Beer. YACK! BA is closer, in my opinion. It’s just a matter of what style you THINK it might be, I suppose. I’ve judged many Tripels, and this is very much like one.

I gave it a 3. Not quite worth a 4, but close to due to possible stylistic accuracy. It’s tough when a brewer doesn’t declare on the bottle.

Welcome to the PGA beer rating system: one beer “Don’t bother.” Two: Eh, if someone gives it to you, drink. Three: very good, go ahead and seek it out, but be aware there is at least one problem. Four: seek it out. Five: pretty much “prefecto.”

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