Dayton’s beer? 8 things you should know about MillerCoors

MillerCoors Tour

(Just in case you think they’ve just gone away… PGA)

TRENTON —There is a strong possibility that the next six pack of Miller Lite you grab from you grocer’s shelves came from a brewery in Dayton’s backyard.

There is even a chance that one of your neighbors helped make it.

Denise A. Quinn, brewery vice president of MillerCoors sprawling facility roughly 35 miles away from Dayton in Trenton, said her plant annually pumps out 9 million barrels of Miller Lite, Miller Highlight, Coors Light, Keystone Ice, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller64, Miller High Life and more than 20 other MillerCoors brands. There are 31 gallons in each barrel.

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