The Wait for the No-Hangover Beer Continues


Interesting: acetaldehyde is a known defect in beer, and also maybe connected to a hangovers-PGA

Whether you’re watching the big game at your local bar or playing an intramural kickball game under the influence, beer and sports seem to be a natural pairing.

Even so, if you have one pint too many, you’ll be writhing in pain the next day because of nausea and headaches. Is there a way to drink your beer without the fear of the morning hangover?

Ben Desbrow, inspired by the beer-sports connection, ran an experiment to see how beer affected the balance of fluids in the body. Desbrow, a researcher at Griffith Health Institute in Australia, examined whether making beer more like Gatorade and adding some electrolytes would mitigate its alcohol’s tendency to dehydrate people who drink it.


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