Trading Buds for Micro-Brewskis: Craft Beer’s Renaissance Continues to Grow

beer-news10Beer is having a big moment, a revolution of sorts. When it comes to grabbing a cold one, more people seem to be bypassing the big dogs and seeking out better-tasting craft brews.

“I think that the brewers are driving each other, and I think the drinkers are driving the brewers,” said Joe Emswiler, who reviews hundreds of craft beers on his website, “Pretty much anything you want to brew right now, the sky’s the limit. People are going to want to try it.

American craft brew sales are up 15 percent over last year’s, according to the Brewers Association’s mid-year report, which was released in July. The organization represents more than 1,400 small and independent U.S. breweries, or around 70 percent of the brewing industry.

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