Mead Profile: Chaucer’s Mead


Profiled by Ken Carman for The Professor

This is obviously a sweet, still and is considered a classic of the style by the BJCP when it comes to sweet. It deserves that status, in my opinion.

I am guessing the honey is mostly Orange Blossom, for the aroma is citrus mixed with floral. I would call it orange with a hint of rind, but very slight at best. The floral is like a flower one might find in a forest. The sweet grabs the nose and tickles it a tad.

Visual: yellow, light amber. Clarity is good, I can see the desk below the cup.

Taste: sweet with a little almost Buckwheat sense. Is this a slight add to the bev, or just aging? Orange and, again, a hint of rind. The sweet is neither cloying or marginal: just right. Body is on the slightly heavier than medium side.

Mouthfeel: slightly slick, with abv slightly clinging to the roof of the mouth. There’s a fruit/orange sense that lingers on the roof of the mouth and reminds me of a fine orange wine, and I have had one of those… they are few to be sure.

I would love to try a slightly carbonated version, and it would still be a still according to guidelines.

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