Beer Profile: 2XONE Southern Tier


Profiled by Maria Devan for PGA

Southern Tiers 2XONE series is all about exploring a single variety of hops and a single variety of malt. This one uses Mosaic hops and Special Pale Malt only.

Pours like a golden beauty with a fat head of creamy white foam that adorns the glass and leaves rings and sticky patches. A fat ring and cap remain and the effervescence from the center of the glass doesn’t stop. It has some sediment or yeast that falls out during the drink and sits on the bottom of the glass defiantly even though it appears pretty clear at first.

The nose is wonderful but subtle. There is a sweet floral, a citrus zing and a tropical back notes. The malt is lightly bread-y and lightly nutty and it approaches a fruitiness but stops short. Pine is light and there is a graceful herbal that really gives the nose a bit of dash. As it warms it’s even a bit minty.

Taste is light sweet and simple. That malt is flavorful but not heavy. The citrus greets the palate first and really surprises you because it was shy on the nose. It’s floral and tropical sweetness is resonant but not loud or bold. This beer has a light to almost medium body that is not slick or oily but that offers a touch of oil and bitter in the finish. The pine remains understated in the drink and the resin is soft and coats the throat for a gentle aftertaste of floral and a suggestion of green sweetness.

This was a fabulous beer that was not complex but that had plenty to offer in the way of nose and palate. Because it’s so food friendly I would recommend that you try with everything from roasted chicken to peach praline pie. Would go really well with nuts and dishes that contain nuts like spinach with raisins and pine nuts. More!

Congrats to Southern Tier for a idea for a series that I intend to try each time as they explore different hop varieties singularly and showcase the skill of their brewers.



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