On Tap: The Top 10 Irish Beers


Ireland is full of traditional and new breweries alike, and while it’s become famous for one style of beer – the Irish Dry Stout – there are plenty of other options to be had. That said, this list is reflective of what Irish beer is really all about.

If you’re looking for new twists on Irish beers, or perhaps Irish beers brewed in the United States, you might be interested in my St. Patrick’s Day article from last year.

10. Porterhouse Brewing Company Oyster Stout

Established in 1996, Porterhouse has become Ireland’s largest independent brewery after getting it’s start in the pubs of Ireland. While not all oyster stouts actually use oysters in the brewing process – some are just commonly served with oysters – Porterhouse’s does, as oysters are used in the conditioning tanks. The result is a very subtle oyster flavor that makes the beer slightly different from the traditional Irish stout.
9. Franciscan Well Shandon Stout

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