On Tap: Philly’s Dock Street Brewing brews brain beer for “The Walking Dead”


Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing is commemorating The Walking Dead’s season 4 finale by brewing a beer with wheat, oats, flaked barley, cranberry, and brain. (Dock Street Brewing Co.)

beer-news10Some people take their TV shows really seriously. While I consider myself one of those people, I’ve never taken it so far as to brew a beer in honor of one of my favorite shows. But some have. And now, Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company is taking a page from the Ommegang notebook and is releasing a beer in honor of their favorite show, “The Walking Dead,” (Ommegang is set to release its third in a series of “Game of Thrones” beers; more on that on Friday).

If you’re unfamiliar with “The Walking Dead,” let me give you a quick recap (it’s my favorite show): In a Zombie-dominated post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors bands together to stay alive. Of course there’s a bit more to it than that, but it’ll do for now.

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