Beer Nut: Rochefort 10 is a ’10’ in My Book

Our own Maria Devan will be glad to see her rating confirmed here…

14576651-largeEven when you’re making a lot of new friends, you should never forget your old ones.

That’s a thought I had last week when I was savoring a Rochefort 10 for the first time in probably several years.

In this column, along with beer news and opinion, I sometimes write about a specific beer itself to let people know what to expect. These are often new brews, or ones that are at least new to my area.

But I sometimes forget that there are thousands of older beers I’ve never written about. Although I have been doing the column for 10 years, that’s still only a little more than 500 columns total. So there is no way to get to them all.

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