Beer Profile: Ithaca Beer Luminous Golden Wild Ale


Profiled by Maria Devan for PGA

Nixon said I am not a crook and I am saying “I am not a homer.”

Gosh this was a fantastic sour beer. i waited for the hype of the release to die down and then went to the bottle I had in the fridge. Beautiful appearance. Hazy , golden. As though someone had taken the sun out of the sky and put it in the glass. Fizzy fat head of off white foam that popped and did not last.

Nose is striking! It’s as though they have bottled sweet and fresh air. It’s pristine with a touch of woody sweetness. The kiND of sweetness that would attract a bumble bee to wood. Some brett and a bit of bread. These do no compete in this beer. The funk is funky and light and the bread has a bit of honey and both are content to be equal. Then the fruit. Lemon and mango. The lemon is rendered into this beer perfectly with all it’s facets, from tart and sour lemon juice to the sweet peel. The surprise is the tropical mango. At first it shows itself like a bit of tartness and you raise an eyebrow but as the beer warms it appears to ripen right before your eyes.

This beer has a vinegary backnote and beautifully bold acidity that is ultimately enveloped by deep sweetness that cannot compete with the earthiness. If you will notice, my tasting notes have no distinction between nose and taste. That’s damn fine beer that lives right up to itself in every way. This beer creates tension on the palate like the best and most boldy acidic red wine and it is succulent and invigorating! I love this!

Thank you @cavedave for taking me to the release for this beer where I met lots of people whom I hope to see much more of.



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meMaria Devan lives in Ithaca, NY and is frequent reviewer of beer and a beer lover deluxe.

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