Ye Olde Scribe Presents: One of the WORST Beers in the WORLD

No pictures provided because the brewer doesn't deserve the promotion for barfing out this one!
No pictures provided because the brewer doesn’t deserve the promotion for barfing out this one!

Ye Olde comes back with a vengeance. Yes, he has been absent for a long time, which is not quite as bad as absinthe beer would be.

Fortune by Miller/Coors

Twiggy was less flat. A bad bottle? Yeah slight fizz and a strong corn taste. AH, the invasion of the beast from planet DMS! It’s urine color, yellow urine after a night drinking bad beer.

Is this Miller’s idea of recycling?

There’s a tartness that speaks an infection from the skin of a fruit. What Fortune LACTOS in flavor it makes up for in unintended bugs. In fact there’s also a slight green apple taste. Oh, Fortune, thy name be acetaldehyde!

The mouthfeel does have a hint of pin prick carbonation, with emphasis on “pin” and then… well. Sure this isn’t Red Apple’s Ale?

No hops noticed except maybe the slightest bitter. Scribe would be bitter too forced to be in this atrocity. Why did they bother?


Ye Olde Scribe has been writing for PGA since the professor started the site. He lives in his secret bunker somewhere in New England, or is it Oregon, or is it Florida? He’s stocking up with GOOD beer and wished to warn off anyone else who may be doing this so they will only have GOOD beer to drink when supplies dry up because the beer hating trolls dumped it onto their fields of magic mushrooms as fertilizer.

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