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Profiled by Maria Devan for PGA

pgaprofile HI everyone. I am little disappointed. We got to Ithaca Beer and their flight was cancelled due to kicking the kegs. SO there was a bit of the Lucifer’s Steps left and I had a glass of that.

It was light on malt with a trace of salt in the drink and a mineral quality overall. The dry hopping on this beer is lovely and floral. Very fragrant. A bit of woodiness a bit of something faintly herbal. The beer was refreshing and dry although a touch of malt lied underneath. Light in color, cloudy and yellow and there was no head when they brought it. Slightly off white foam though and no real lace. It’s pink salt they use in this gose.

I asked the server if this was a gose and he said it was a hybrid or a blend of styles but did not say which ones. (my french fries were burned and soggy – just sayin’) OK back to the beer. The hops in this one are pacific gem and northern brewer. They gave a great combination of floral and perfume but no real fruit. It had a just a mild nip from bitterness.

The salt is the surprise in this beer as it is my first gose ( or hybrid) a soft and gentle mouthfeel with practically no malt sweetness. It was my favorite part of the beer. The fact that the malt was not too sweet nor was it too bread-y made it elusive and quite the treat as it laid itself out softly and with only a wheat like strength.Not really sour but only mildly tart. Slightly sparkling carbonation.

I would describe the hops as a bit of something sweet and green.. Just a fruity like quality that was delightful and light. Dry finish and the salt became more prominent as it drank. The pink salt is especially gentle and I think that is the reason I liked this beer so much.

I came home with a bottle of sixteen. The second beer in the pics is flower power which is always delightful on tap. This time it was piney and very bitter with prominent grapefruit. (as per usual)

This is the “gose”



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meMaria Devan lives in Ithaca, NY and is frequent reviewer of beer and a beer lover deluxe.

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