What SOME Folks are Saying About What You Drink


“If you’re a big fan of Abita Purple Haze, you’ve probably exposed yourself at Mardi Gras, but you own it. Good for you. You’re a raspberry and cheese lover… you know a lot about beer and cheeses. You believe that fruits and beer should be a thing that everyone loves.”

“Nobody picks Amstel Light by choice. It’s always the last thing sitting depressingly alone at the bottom of the ice bucket. You’re the ultimate guy/girl next door.”

“Blue Moon is craft beer for people who have never had a craft beer.”
“You’re a proud member of the citrus-in-beer club and your friends are forced to make an extra trip on your behalf, regularly. You are a free spirit and probably think Burning Man is the coolest festival out there. These people believe, mistakenly, that they have refined tastes.”

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