Scribe’s Worst Beer in the World Award

Once again Ye Olde Scribe ventures into beers that should never have been brewed territory…


Dog bites own tail and leaves it a bloody stump is more like it.

In the category, sort of, of malt liquor it’s hard to knock a brew for having a bite-y abv sense. Especially since with that style they often use adjuncts rather than adequate malt to get that high. Dog Bite succeeds. Ignore the sulfur-like lager sense. That’s pleasant in comparison. Dog Bite takes higher alcohols to a new level of barf. Kind of a piss yellow, if you’re having urinary tract problems, and lot of toxic foam, for the style, Scribe swears they simply fermented the still contaminated waters from Chernobyl.

Mouthfeel? Roof of the mouth and tongue ripping goodness!

Like the previous entry, Scribe refuses to have any pictures on this post. No need in promoting a Jimmy Jones like quaff. If you do buy it and survive it might get rid of your Hudson River rat problem. Ever seen one? BIG!


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