Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

20141108_185023No, really we won and then ate a chicken dinner! But before we discuss such excitable matters, let’s talk about some other eventful happenings.

Though the club had to struggle through many challenges this year, they managed to make the pre-competition super special. If you are a hardcore home-brewer, you are probably familiar with Denny Conn. He is a big deal in the home-brew scene, as husband explain to me. Apparently, he was a pretty big “get” and a mad scientist in his own right.

Denny Conn gave the guest lecture Friday night extolling his various brewing experiences in his quest to make the most delicious beer. In his most recent venture, he compared decoction against single infusion mash steps to see if it made a differences in flavor. According, to his findings, no, it did not matter. This is a revolutionary finding for the brewing world.

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