From the Bottle Collection: Tanner’s Jack


Without intent, I have collected well over 1,000 beer bottles since the early 70s. When something finally had to be done about the cheap paneling in this old modular, I had a choice. Tear down the walls while, oh, so carefully, replacing the often rotted 1X3s. Or: cover them with… The Bottle Collection.

Written by Ken Carman

 Tanner’s Jack is a beer that, according to the label, is brewed by Moreland Brewery, Bury St. Edmunds, England. It’s actually brewed by Greene King, not Moreland which is now kind of like Buick is to GM, or Mercury to Ford, only beer, obviously. I haven’t seen it in the stores for a while but I must be honest: I haven’t been looking.
 Morland’s opened in 1711 and proceeded over the years to buy out other breweries. Then Moreland was bought many times, eventually by one of their vend-ess they used to brew for: Greene King.
 I don’t remember much about Tanner’s, but I do believe the most interesting thing about the ale was the white bready yeast. Hopping: little to none. Body: a bit chewy, in part to the yeas which seemed to have left dextrins in the beer. Nice thick looking tan/gold/copper mix. Tasty, but a bit boring to be honest.
  Tanner’s Jack was named after the leather tankards used in the 1800s.

Fleece_Inn_Tankards ”Leather tankards?”
 Here are some leather tankards, to your left. Courtesy They are from The Fleece Inn, a pub built in the 1550s. Location: Bretforton Nr Evesham, Worcester near Stratford-upon-Avon. Merry old England, of course. (Just ask all those happy go lucky plague people… “Bring out your dead!!!”)
  Greene King also brews Old Speckled Hen, various Bellhaven brews and various versions of Old Hen, including Hoppy, Golden and Crafty.
 Beer Advocate rates Old Speckled “OK” @ a 78. Rate Beer has it as a 34, with 39 for style, which I would assume would be pale ale. This is kind of what you might get at a Brit pub, on cask ans a lawnmower pale except more viscous.
 My guess is the reason I haven’t seen TJ very much is they are focusing more on Old Speckled, which I have seen. Of course I’ve seen Bellhaven, but I’d love to try the other Hens and see if they’re more interesting.

FredricmartianFrom the Bottle Collection is a column by Ken Carman, columnist, entertainer, beer judge and when it comes to quirky people may qualify as Captain Quirk. He is especially fond of his skin condition that makes him look like a Martian, as imagined by Fredric Brown

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