Culinary Industry Icons Rate the Best Beers in America.\

NOTE: Blackberry Farms, apparently, comes from a GEORGIA brewery, not TN.-PGA

goodfood_v2There are now over 3,000 breweries in the U.S., which is amazing, considering there were about 44 just thirty years ago (and 1,700 in the middle of 2011). But consider this: there are 990,000 restaurants, a $680B industry. So when icons of the food world pay attention to the brewery scene, it’s real perspective. Some of very best food industry players are working towards lofty ideals, too. As Good Food Awards founder Sarah Weiner announced to the latest winners (at a bash attended by the likes of guest judges Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl, and Mark Bittman), “wed to a vision of a better, more delicious world, all of you have chosen to be creators. Beyond the not trifling feat of making something utterly delicious, what you do and the way you do it creates tighter, stronger, more just societies.” And who can compete for a GFA? Makers of great beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, confections, pickles, preserves, spirits,and even cooking oils and honey—which pass the GFA’s sustainability and social responsibility criteria.

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