Tom Becham Reviews: The Breury’s Jardinier

jardinier2-167x480I’ve been a fan of The Bruery since I first discovered their beers (within a year of them opening for business). They make a great many sour ales, barrel-aged offerings, and strong Belgian styles. They make everything with a flair and panache not often found in new start-up brewers. And The Bruery has won many awards for their beers, thus far.

I recently spied a new Bruery offering on the shelves of a local BevMo store. Named Jardinier (the French word for “gardener”), the label describes this beer as a “Golden Belgian table beer”. At only 4.9% ABV, it certainly would be a lighter brew, worth pairing with most meals. Naturally, I had to give it a try.

On pouring, the beer is a very pale gold, almost looking like one of the industrial lagers that control most of the beer market. Fortunately, the similarity ends there. There is a quick, fizzy carbonation on pouring, which soon settles into a finger-and-a-half of head. It doesn’t stick around long, but the lacing lasts for the entire drinking experience.

The aroma is a blast of hops, smelling almost exactly like lemon blossom, with a slight undertone of grain. This seems, at first, to be a hop-bomb.

Upon, first sip, yes, it IS a hop bomb. Well, somewhat. You see, the lemon blossom smell carries into the flavor. It is a citrus rind bitterness that introduces itself to the palate first. But it doesn’t have much of a lingering finish and dissipates rather quickly. Oddly, the hop bitterness actually DECREASES as the beer warms, with a grainy maltiness coming to the fore.

Overall, I would say that if you are a fan of The Bruery’s “extreme beers”, you may not like this one. On the other hand, if you like an extremely well-executed summer refresher, or even a beer to pair with spicy meals, Jardinier fulfills that role as well or better than anything else you may find on the shelves. I heartily recommend it.

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