Bill Makes Rheinegeist Sales Illegal

ERLANGER, Ky. (Brad Underwood) — Until now, Kentucky has allowed out-of-state breweries to distribute their own beer. But, a bill passed Thursday, March 5, would change that and put the future of Rheingeist’s sales in jeopardy. Back in December 2014 Rhinegeist leased a building that was essentially a giant refrigerator. The plan was to distribute Rhinegeist beer and other craft beers here in northern Kentucky. Now after sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into the property, it appears the building will soon be empty. As Rhinegeist rolls out another new beer, lawmakers across the river have put a cork in the growth of one the fastest growing craft beer brands. Rhinegeist started canning beer in early 2014. Their beer is a hit, extremely popular and distributing in Kentucky was supposed to be the next step.

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