Blind-Tasting 116 of the Best American IPAs: We Have a Winner

25-Didgits-BurntHickory-thumb-220x293-14706025. The Burnt Hickory Brewery The Didjits
City: Kennesaw, GA
ABV: 7.5%
The verdict: Burnt Hickory is one of the buzzier small breweries in Georgia, and “The Didgits” makes that easy to understand. An IPA infused with blood oranges, this beer understandably comes across with a candy-like sweetness—it’s intensely citric and juicy, in a unique way that tipped off tasters that there might be something more than simply American hops at work. It’s a bit earthier and more rounded in its maltiness than some of the other fruit or zest-infused IPAs, though, and there’s even the lightest bit of tartness present—this is not a simple or gimmicky IPA. Its unique, candied fruit character helped it stand out in its heat and earn a place in the finals.

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