Lambic, Sour, and Funky Mead Making – Part 1

I’ve began to compile the things I know on alternative fermentations in mead making. And by that, I mean meads infected with the likes of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus. I’ll continue to add more parts as my findings and experiments continue.

Why make lambic meads? As many are aware, the commercial market for sour/ funky brews is at an all time high. Which is great, because they taste excellent! The bad thing is the price-point. These are typically the most expensive per fluid oz to buy. So the next time your on the forums of your choice and someone starts to say “home brewing don’t save any money!”, You can go right ahead and say “Home brewing don’t save save money…Unless you’re making sours.” .

Meads tend to be more expensive than beer; So what happens when you take the priciest of both worlds and add both mead and sour styled brews together? You save money by home brewing that’s what!

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