Sour, and Funky Mead Making Part III : Blending

hbt-mead-2-1996-fullSo, last time we left off with different strategies for adding fruit to your sour meads. But what happens when your batch loses its complexity, becoming one dimensional? Maybe it’s too sour, or just a bit too horsey. If you have several batches going, you’ll be able to blend them together, which will add that complexity you’re looking for back in. This is an easy, and fun process. Plus, you get to drink your sour meads! If that isn’t fun, then what is?

It’s helpful to know what you are looking to do before you begin, but not necessary. If you have a batch that is out of this world sour, you can keep that batch to add into ones that maybe didn’t hit the tart mark you wanted. You could also just be looking to improve a batch that does taste fine on its own (they say the sum is greater than its parts right?). The ideal is to have many meads to blend so that you can churn out amazing finished products all the time. Obviously, not everyone (myself included) have a pseudo-barrel room, but even just a few one gallon carboys to blend with can yield excellent results.

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