Beer Profile: Jovial by Troegs

Profiled by Maria Devan

Pours murky hazy honey brown with orange hue. Looks a lot like honey that is turning to sugar. Tan head of good foam that persists to the very end of the beer. Refreshes with each tip, and subsides just enough to let you drink the beer.

Fruity nose with a slice of multigrain bread. Toasty with bread crusts and sweet with raisin. Light touch of sugar and a light spice. Taste is smart with a good mouthfeel. Medium but ever uplifted by active carbonation. Un-distracted maltiness, good bread-y and constant. Dry, crisp and showing off raisin and a touch of tart prune. Softly nutty but not bitter. Light understated sweetness. Juicy middle and then a modest bitter from hops to finish the beer lest you would stay all day at it.

Jovial because the bread in this is endless but never too much. Never heavy. Try it and see what I mean. The maltiness is perfection. Drinks like a mouth full but light enough to keep you in the glass. The flavors pronounce heaven but don’t drag you there by the palate. It leaves a little something for you to seek beyond the glass. Jovial indeed.


Welcome to the PGA beer rating system: one beer “Don’t bother.” Two: Eh, if someone gives it to you, drink. Three: very good, go ahead and seek it out, but be aware there is at least one problem. Four: seek it out. Five: pretty much “perfecto.”


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mdMaria Devan lives in Ithaca, NY, atop a steep hill. Except when one time on St. Patty’s Day when leprechauns tried to slap skates on her and roll her down the hill, she only walks down it. She has been reviewing beer for many years, even with many homebrewers and other beer critics across the nation, on the web. She’s known as “The Girl Next Door” in her You Tubes. We are very lucky to have her here at PGA.

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