4th Annual Nashville Chimipalooza

written by Dee Gross for crazycow252

One of the wonderful things about falling down the rabbit hole that is the brewing community is feeling like you are part of a secret society.  Slowly but surely, you meet new and interesting people who bring with them spectacular beer. The 4th Annual Nashville Chimipalooza was just such an event.

The event was hosted by Eddie Chimi.  Imagine, if you will, a potluck where instead of casseroles, the guest bring delicious food and some of the most amazing beers ever.

PIctured above Bearded Iris Brewing Owners
Paul Vaughn and Kavon Togrye

It was held at the Bearded Iris Brewing, an up and coming Nashville Brewery that should be opening this fall.
The folks at Beard Iris were even considerate enough to create an adult safety gate.  You know to keep overzealous party goers from plummeting to their death on the rocks below.  This also provides a perfect opportunity to draw your attention to the wine barrels which will be filled with beer-y goodness soon.
Now to even more important topics, food and booze.  Though I have mentioned before, it bears repeating that while husband is the beer and bourbon connoisseur, I am a devoted foodie. Chimipalooza did not disappoint.
There is a definitely a connection between good brewers and great food.  It must be the palates, I suppose, but the tasty treats were tantalizing.  The charcuterie plate, pictured above, was filled with pungent cheese and cured meats. My heart melts for cheese, especially of the funky variety.
Then there were the scallops wrapped in bacon.  It must be some sort of wizardry that allowed this brewer to get the bacon crispy without overcooking the scallops.  They lasted just a few minutes before they were devoured.
One of my favorite food offerings of the day was this salmon.  I do not know what dark forces were conjured to create such a dish, but they were powerful. This is the best salmon I’ve ever tasted.
Then there was the featured dish of the day.  Smoked wings provided by Thunderbird.  It is marinated in a coating of secret herbs and spices, then smoked to perfection, and finally finished with a splash of honey.  They were such a big hit that some party goers smuggled out some extras.
And now to the part of the party you care about the most…the beer.
The problem with these get-togethers, and it’s definitely a first world problem, is the overwhelming amount of life-changing beer.  I was discussing the challenge with a fellow party attendee, and we described it as this:
“Here try this beer, it was found under a burned down brewery encapsulated in the mummified remains of the brewery’s founder.”
“No, no…pour out that swill and drink this beer, it was blessed by the Dalai Lama and made exclusively from his tears.”
“Hogwash, pound that down and try this beer, it has the life blood of a dragon and offers eternal life.”
So, you see dear friends, it is easy to get lost in the sea of deliciousness.  Apologies, if your favorite beer gets neglected.  I am sure it was something special and enjoyed by all.  Here a some of the highlights.
One of the excited offerings is a blend of these four beers mixed by the party master himself, Eddie Chimi.
There is also Broke Ass Hobby, that has special significance to the party host since the name alludes to the brew drama behind it.
Mike also brought a special offering by Sierra Nevada. (Pro Tip: If you see Mike pouring something, get a sample, even if you have to elbow an old lady to do so)
Photo Credit Sean von Tagen.
There was also Mexican Cake by Westbrook.

And of course, there had to be home brew.  Truth in advertising.
Photo Credit Sean von Tagen.

As you can see, I did not exaggerated the epic amount of beer offered.  The best part of the event was getting to hangout with amazingly generous people who shared their food, beer, and time.

 It was wonderful to meet new friends, renew old friendships,
offer a cheers to friends we lost, and drink spectacular beer.

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