Beer Profile: Future Ancestor, Wiseacre


Profiled by Ken Carman

Pure white pillow head with fast rising legs. Yellow on paler side. Slight haze. Head fades fast to nothing. Light yellow/gold. Great legs.

Fruity aroma with slight corn (grits?) Just a hint of sweet: candy sugar-ish. Pilsner malt behind that.

Mouthfeel: slightly sweet. Almost an ale version of Bud/Miller, only with a sightly sweet-ish pilsner/pale malt sense. Malt on light side medium, at best. Pale malt and pilsner-like malt coat the roof of the mouth but fade fast. Slight sulfur lager yeast.

Taste: malt with slight sugary sweet, no hops. A bit corn-like, but not DMS. Grits, I suspect.

This is a fine,lighter side of medium, lager that has little to none of the defects common in lagers: too much yeast driven sulfur sense, often boring. This is a step above that. A sweet, slightly DMS/corn-ish (lager/grits), brew.

If this is what you prefer, or if you want something American lager-ish, but better, go for it!

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By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
Ken Carman eats gerbils for breakfast and wasildorfs for lunch.He NEVER eats dinner, Instead he drinks BEER!

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