Mark Phipps on Bacterial Spoilage

mark phipps


As it does with almost all brewers, the opportunity to get a taste of your creation is like seeing your newborn child for the first time. Well, maybe not that severe, but it’s well up on the podium of importance. Just imagine as you bring the beer up close to your nose to take in what you believe will be the fresh aroma of a job well done, the smell drives your head back. You ease back in just to try a sip … what you experience are the spoilages of your efforts. Your day is officially ruined by bacteria that decided to make home in your brew.

With such a relatively opportunistic struggle among brewers and bacteria, we reached out to Mark Phipps, the technical director, and a brewmaster himself, at Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, to shed some light on bacterial spoilage and prevention measures.

BM: Why do breweries deal with bacterial spoilage issues in their beer?

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