Beer Profile: Horny Goat’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter


Profiled by Ken Carman

86 on Beer Advocate.
93 and 95 for style at Rate Beer.

Beer-Profile3What about peanut butter doesn’t these reviewers understand? Are they so nose focused they miss it’s the smell that’s skewing their reviews?

Seems so.

Big light brown foam head that holds a while. The body is a dense black that bright light hardly shines through. The head cascades downward into the quaff. Great presentation

Peanut butter and chocolate mixed perfectly, right up front, on the nose. Darker malts, way in the background, but very muted. The peanut butter and chocolate dominate.

On taste the chocolate is slightly bitter, as if dark chocolate and/or cocoa nibs were used

Very alcoholic. Indeed a tad too much in my opinion: throws the balance off. Not even the luxurious, seemingly heavy, body compensates. My guess is body is actually medium, but chocolate and peanut butter make it seem heavier. Peanut butter a mere hint in the taste. Not sure the abv, but if not high I would think a mild case of higher alcohol.

Nice try. I suggest backing off the high abv or higher alcohols, up malt sense and get more peanut butter into the taste.



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By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
Ken Carman, better known as Ken the Magnificent, squanders his days in Nashville and Beaver River, NY waiting for the next bat signal-like sign to save the world from disco. So far he has been able to sit on his butt and drink, and brew, good beer, for disco really hasn’t returned. Yet.