Beer Profile: Alpharetta, Georgia Jekyll Brewing’s Kolsch

Profiled by Ken Carman

Beer-Profile3thumb_jekyll-big-creek-kolsch New brewery in Atlanta suburb, north east side. I picked this brew by thems because this is a little tougher to brew than the other styles they’re doing.

White, small bubble head, fades fast. A tad hazy: may be chill haze. The color is light yellow. For style clarity is poor.

Nose is a tad sulfur-y and mineral-y. Hint of pale malt and pilsner. Way in background the slightest hint of DMS.

Slightest bitter but no hops otherwise. The “bitter” seems to come from sulfur, mineral, sense. The mineral increases as it warms, but sulfur stays about the same.

Mouthfeel: carbonic tingle from carbonation along with soft malt notes. It all seems to linger. Slight malt sweetness.

I really believe haze is more than chill haze. Supposed to be brilliantly clear, it’s not. Possible very fine floaties, or wheat proteins. The hop bitter is close, though not quite there, or balanced as well as could be with fruitiness, which is faint at best, and malt that, while not that much needed as per style, could use just a hint more as per “balance.”

84 @BA, 63 and 96 (style) @RB.

Close, but no cookie.



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By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
Ken Carman, better known as Ken the Magnificent, squanders his days in Nashville and Beaver River, NY waiting for the next bat signal-like sign to save the world from disco. So far he has been able to sit on his butt and drink, and brew, good beer, for disco really hasn’t returned. Yet.

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