The Best Craft Brewery in Every State (and DC)!

A questionable claim, at best. But we’re glad that Hoppin Frog, covered by our writer: Ken Carman, made the list. Maui? We guess our writer. Tom Becham may question that. Picture from different post, courtesy


Hoppin’ Frog Brewery (address and info)
Great Lakes, with its Christmas Ale and Eliot Ness, might be Ohio’s most iconic brewery, but down the road in Akron, Hoppin’ Frog’s clandestinely brewing up the state’s best beer in what appears to be a storage unit. One sip of the 9.4% beast that is Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher, an imperial oatmeal stout, should be enough to make a fan out of anybody who doubts its reputation as one of the finest beers in the world.

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