Now it’s serious! Venezuela almost out of beer

Start homebrewing?-PGA

AP VENEZUELA BEER I FILE VENLIMA, Peru — Throughout their country’s descent into political and economic crisis, Venezuelans of all stripes have at least been able to rely on one thing: drowning their sorrows in beer.

Locals of the sweltering South American nation love to down the kinds of heavily chilled light lagers popular from Mexico to Argentina.

But pretty soon Venezuela could run dry. And that could be even more devastating than it sounds.

How did it come to this?

For one, brewery workers are on strike demanding higher wages.

Members of the Sintraterricentro union downed tools last week at two bottling plants belonging to the Polar brewery. It supplies roughly 80% of Venezuela’s beer, including market leader Polar Pilsen. The union is tiny but its members hold key positions at the plant, meaning that production has ground to a halt.

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