Tomme Arthur: A Long-Overdue Appreciation


Yesterday, I wrote a little quick post for my Facebook pages, in which I expressed my long-held admiration for Sam Calagione, lately prompted by his flat refusal to even meet with representatives of Anheuser Busch – aka InBev, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week – about the possibility of arranging “something similar” to the craft brewery deals that they’ve now done with Goose Island and Red Hook and….well, the rest of that roster of former craft breweries, all now absorbed into the Borg Collective that is The World’s Largest “Beer” Company.

Sam’s total lack of interest in aiding and abetting AB’s long-term plan to purchase its way into the craft beer cred it’s incapable of earning by making beer lit me up like a Christmas tree and I cranked out a little word of appreciation…which seems to have hit a nerve. The Pour Fool Facebook page is a thing which I originally set up to issue faster posts than I can do here. I’ve almost completely neglected it, sometimes going a month or more without posting anything. The post about Sam has now hit almost 2,000 likes and climbing.

maxresdefault (1)But readers who responded with their own paeans to Brother Calagione had an odd effect on me: it made me think of Tomme Arthur.

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