Beer Profile: Genessee’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter


Profiled by Maria Devan

Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s beer is in anticipation of New Beer Sunday and is from the Genessee Brewhouse and it is their Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter. Now the porter is a really good beer with which to observe the changes that happen in beer as it warms. I suggest serving them at cellar not refrigerator temperature and I hope my review will tell you why. It’s best to sip it and let it warm even more.

Pours dark brown and while it does appear to be a bit muddy at first as you start to drink and look straight down into the glass you can see that it’s pretty clear. Thin tan head that fell fast and not too much lacing.

Right out of the refrigerator I smell caramel, sugar, butterscotch and a scent like cheap candy corn. Twiggy woody hops and sweet chocolate. In the tasting straight from the fridge it is sugary, sweet, not complex and tastes a lot like butterscotch. The hop herbal seems to clash with the rest of the beer and the finish is cloying.

After it reaches cellar temp. Nose is roasted malt, caramel and bitter chocolate. The hops stayed the same. Woody, twiggy and a touch of herbal. A lovely and light vanilla. malt is earthy and full on the nose . This beer does actually smell like a hand wrapped chocolate caramel and it was made in collaboration with Hedonist Artisan Chocolates in Rochester NY.

After it warms to cellar temperature the taste is luscious and full. Strong caramel that is not too stiff or heavy. Roasty malt a touch of burnt sugar. No alcohol on the palate. Bitter chocolate wrapped around a salted caramel. I have no earthly clue how they got it to taste like that but it does. A deceptively light mouthfeel as though this piece of chocolate candy has melted on your tongue but with a tickle from bubbles it is not heavy at all in the swallow. That woody herbal hop is integral to the taste and only by comparing how it stood out at first and now seems to have blended in will you notice what a good choice of hop it was for this beer. Slight bitterness as it accumulates on the palate with each sip to reveal all that silken and smooth flavor. There is a slight moment of residual sugar in the finish but that is far from what it was ice cold.

This is my first offering from the Genesee Brewhouse Collection and it’s everything people have said it is. Excellent!




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