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On average, I brew a couple batches every other week, all of which are for xBmts or The Hop Chronicles. A recent Saturday was one of these days, I brewed two 5 gallon batches simultaneously for a yet to be published xBmt. The next morning, I woke up early with my kids, made some breakfast, and did a few normal weekend chores. Right after lunch, my wife mentioned she had some errands to run, said she’d be out for a couple hours and would take my oldest daughter. My 2 year-old was napping at this point and my son wanted to ride his bike. That’s when the idea to try something I’d been thinking about for awhile struck– brew an all grain batch in as little time as possible. I set a goal for myself to be finished by the time my wife returned home, which she estimated would be approximately 2 hours. What follows is an account of how it went down, from grain to glass.

As my wife was prepping to leave, right about the time this brilliant idea came to me, I opened up BeerSmith and threw together a very simple SMaSH recipe. Inspired by the latest boil length xBmt findings, I chose to use some 2 year old German Pils malt I found sitting in the bottom of a bucket earlier that weekend. To that, I added Amarillo hops from the 2013 crop I’d been avoiding and a pack of Mangrove Jacks West Coast Yeast that expired nearly a year prior. This was bound to be glorious.

Short & Shoddy SMaSH 

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM OG FG ABV
1.75 15 min 65  11.6 1.040 SG 1.009 SG 4.0 %


Name Amount %
2 year old Weyermann German Pils Malt(1.6L) 3 lbs 100


Name Amt/IBU Time Use Form Alpha %
Amarillo 20 g/19.4 IBU First Wort Hop – 15 minutes FWH Pellet  8.2
Amarillo 35 g/19.3 IBU 1 minute Boil Pellet  8.2
Amarillo 40g Dryhop 4 Days Dry Hop Pellet  8.2


Name Lab Attenuation Ferm Temp
M44 West Coast Yeast (exp. 12/2014) Mangrove Jacks 73% 66°F

I chose to use the BIAB method for this project and collected the full volume of water, unfiltered and untreated, as my wife pulled out of the garage.

Start time: 10:05 AM


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