Trio aims to raise bar with local (Marcy, NY) brew

7140y7v4yji4zttbbs9guyw67d27puxalzstfhgrih49bpt7dbruuejh1mpcmmMARCY,NY — A trio of teachers are just about ready to roll out their first commercial batch of beer at Woodland Hop Farm and Fermentation. The small brewery will begin production Sunday.

Keith Redhead, AJ Spado and Nick Natishak were all teachers at Rome Free Academy and home brewers. Spado, 34, teaches earth science at the school. Natishak, 30, teaches physics there. Redhead, 30, now teaches social studies in Oriskany.

They’d been brewing in their homes for nearly a decade, all while talking about the dream of one day opening a brewery.

Spado and his wife were visiting a small brewery started by a fellow teacher, and Spado asked him if it had been a big leap. The answer — that it was not — empowered Spado to propose the idea of Woodland to his two friends.

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