FUCK Budweiser: Your Basic Early Morning, Fed-Up Rant


I’m getting mightily SICK of our ongoing glorification of this industrially produced, foreign-owned, cheesy example of the American dumbing-down of a great beer style – the Czech Pilsner – that became, for 100 years, ALL we had to drink in this country under the term “beer”. I read a repost on Facebook, titled “ The Girl who drinks Coors Light is the one that’s right“? Forwhom, exactly? One of those swaggering, posturing, cowboy wannabe throwbacks who live in the ‘burbs and drive pick-ups so they can pose as “country”, when they’re actually about as “country” as Woody Allen? This prefabricated grain-water is what we came to equate with “manhood”. For a century, we were told that drinking watered-down, sweet, piss-beer was somehow, inexplicably, linked to both manliness AND patriotism…and, until that day in 2008, when Anheuser Busch was sold to a huge Belgian beer conglomerate, and then bought out both Miller and Coors last year, the patriotism argument had SOME merit. Now, NONE of those largest-selling beers is American-owned. NONE…OF…THEM.

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