Scribe’s Worst Beer in the World Award


KO_BW_Pour-with-Bottle_web_204X3771 On the border of where craft beer meets crap beer, there’s a beer even some Konaheads might resent. While not THE worst beer, certainly qualifies as one of, especially when it comes to watering down the essence of craft: FLAVOR. It’s the Ultra-fying of craft.

Ye Old Scribe has been absent for quite a while, but not quite as “absent” as Big Wave is of flavor. There’s a hint of hops. Hey guys, gals, did you toss in one pellet into a fermenter? Did some ant drag it across the wort during boil? OK, Scribe would add it’s so bad the ant must have fell into the boil. But it’s not bad in that sense. It’s bad in the sense Scribe wished it had at least that much flavor.

Was there a malt ban when this was brewed? Even white bread has a lot more flavor.

Is it ‘Kona,’ or ‘CON-ah’? Some ale-like attempt to mimic Miller Clear with the lightest sprinkle of a hop, not ‘hops’?

Thank God for the carbonation. Scribe keeps opening cans and waiting for it to fill his model of the Hindenburg. And waiting. And waiting. And…